New chocolate labradoodle/labrador puppy family sharing what we learn, as we learn!


In July we brought home a new puppy "Jayda".  Her mother is a chocolate Labradoodle and her father is a chocolate Labrador.  

We are new puppy owners, this is our first puppy! Jayda was 8 weeks old when we collected her.  After arriving home we learned that "chocolate" Labradors have characteristics specific to being their chocolate color for example they are more likely to jump and nip. We have four children and therefore decided to use lots of books and training classes to help us.  

We learn a great deal everyday and decided to share what we test and what works for our puppy (and us).  We decided to share this online not only as our family puppy journal keepsake but in case it helps other new chocolate lab/doodle puppy owners.  

We hope this journal provides a place to start when there is a lot of conflicting information.  

We also thought it may be useful to share data such as what Jayda actually costs us by month, weight changes, training tactics and vet pricing along with puppy milestones so you have a comparison for your puppy.

We are not experts, we are just sharing what works for our family.